Customer Experience

imageI believe the best references come directly from the people I've helped.
Here are some of their comments!

"My session was a perfect balance of a strong, vigorous massage with lighter touch techniques for relaxation. Very focused, thorough and professional. I highly recommend John and I'm already looking forward to my next massage."

"The massage was invigorating.  He seemed to intuitively know what my body needed.  Some people give off energy; others draw it away. John is in the former category."

"Best massage I've ever had!"

"A master healer--phenomenal and truly gifted!"

"I felt like I returned home. It was indescribable!"

"I feel lighter, the overwhelming tension is gone."

"I feel more centered and grounded, more peaceful."

"This is really powerful. I've received a lot of
massages, but this was, wow!"

"My back feels like it can breathe again!"

"Very deep experience! Great knowledge! Amazing
power of hands-on work!"

"I had spectacular results after my first massage!  All week long, releases from chronic muscular spasms kept occurring--signifcant relief that gives me hope for continued improvement."

"After eighteen months of chronic headaches resulting from my slip-and-fall accident, the first massage virtually cleared them up, I was able to stop taking the medication, and my sleep patterns improved dramatically."